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Bracelet Adjustment

At WatchPro, it is important to us that your new watch fits perfectly on your wrist. If you have chosen a watch with a leather strap, it will fit without a problem for most wearers with a standard wrist size. In contrast, if you have chosen a watch with a metal bracelet strap, this may need to be adjusted for you to achieve the perfect fit.

We are proud to offer bracelet adjustment both prior to placing your order and as an after sales service, both of which we provide free of charge.

You can also have the bracelet of your watch adjusted by a third party, whether that be by yourself or by a professional jeweller. Please be aware all third party adjustments will void the returns policy on your order

If you would like us to adjust the bracelet of your watch before we send it out to you, please complete the following steps:

1. Measure your wrist* with a tape measure in inches or centinmetres. If you do not have a tape measure on hand, you can measure your wrist with a piece of string tand measure that against a ruler.

2. When measuring your wrist, be sure to add about half a centimetre, or a quarter of an inch, of slack so your watch is not too tight on arrival

3. Type your wrist measurement into the ‘Notes’ section of the checkout

Our watch experts will then adjust the bracelet of your watch to your wrist size, so when it arrives, it will fit just right. You will also be sent all the surplus links that have been removed from the bracelet. Watches that are adjusted by us are still eligible under the WatchPro returns policy.

Terms and conditions

In the event that you personalise your watch (e.g., by having the rubber, leather or silicone strap changed or shorted), your purchase will not be eligible under our returns policy.

It is not always possible to adjust a watch bracelet to the perfect fit you require with a wrist measurement. Although almost in every case the measurement will be correct, in some cases it may be necessary to have the watch further adjusted at a local jeweller or watchmaker. This is a free and additional service, therefore we cannot provide any compensation for consequential losses for a) failure to adjust the bracelet, or b) inaccuracies in the adjustment.

If you are purchasing a watch with a non-adjustable bracelet (mostly gold watches) then the watch must go to the manufacturer's service department for the adjustment.  This is a straight forward process which usually takes one week.

Various tools exist on the market which allow you to perform a bracelet adjustment yourself. Generally, we do not recommend this procedure. Watches which have been adjusted using improper tools or methods will not be eligible under our returns policy.

*Adjustment service is free, but additional links may incur a charge. If links need to be ordered we will fit them as soon as they arrive at our warehouse, normally within 5-14 working days. Alternatively we can send the watch to you and the links when they arrive.